The hustle and bustle of costume shopping, fake cobwebs, the plethora of sweets and candies being bought and the notorious pumpkin carving; surely Halloween must be around the corner.

This spectacle is no different in and around Cambridge where preparations are made for this occasion; the impending loom of trick and treating boosting the sales of candy store owners, by a multi-fold and decorations being put up to honour the occasion. Though, as true as this may be, with hundreds of years of history and fine architecture to go with it, Cambridge truly does bring to Halloween the true essence of mystery and ‘spookiness’.

Some facts about the haunting Cambridge Halloween surely ought to suit your fancy if you enjoy the spookier side of Halloween; even more so visiting Cambridge is surely a treat for all you thrill-seeking, Halloween lovers out there.

Cambridge Colleges: Ghosts Galore?

The Cambridge University itself is no novice to the eerie presence of the Cambridge Ghosts; whether it is the ghost of Christ’s College, racked over with guilt of losing his lady-love or the stamping footsteps of an unknown at Emmanuel College. Adding to it, the long history and the mystery associated with Halloween, a visit to Cambridge delivers the essence of Halloween as so many us enjoy in our adulthood.

Chesterton Road: The tale of the Floating Policeman

A police officer being found in a mundane car park may not seem to be that big of a deal; adding the fact this police officer was found to be in a 1940s uniform along with a gas mask case, floating above the witness- now that is a haunting fact indeed!

Ghostly Lions at the Fitzwilliam Museum

At the stroke of midnight, whilst strolling past the museum two ghostly lions have said to descend from their statues to be found drinking from the near-by water outlet. Though, apparently they have no other business than to just stroll into the building… and disappear. If you may be lucky enough (or unlucky even) to bump into them, just make sure not stand in the way of their drinking.

The Newmarket Road Penguin: The beginning of an Extraterrestrial Zoo?

Furry creatures or penguins making their way or waddling in their case have found to be present along Newmarket Hall. If visiting an extraterrestrial zoo tickles your fancy, be sure to drop in Cambridge as after the lion, the penguin is set to be a feature- though it could be a cloaked doctor using the beak-like masks which used to be used to ward off the plague- either way, it surely is a spectacle one ought to see to enjoy Halloween in full throttle.

Abbey House: The Home of Ghosts?

Abbey House is said to be bombarded with mysterious beings from time to time; a poltergeist, the rattling of chains, a ghostly butler, a woman in white and even a hare and a squirrel have been spotted by the incoming visitors who visit Cambridge to see such a spectacle.

Have you had any ghostly encounters whilst visiting or studying in Cambridge? Tell us in the comments below.

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